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Genius Serial Mouse for PC;

Nice Mice! Superior quality - better than ANY other mouse we have ever used (except for a real MicroSoft mouse) an at a nice price! Works as a two button mouse with MicroSoft compatible drivers, or as a three button mouse using Logitech drivers! $18 each, or 2 for $30, 5 for $60, 10 for $100.

Crystal Cooler - CPU Fan and Heat Sink for Pentium CPU;

Heat sink with CLEAR plastic high quality fan. A clip attaches the fan and heat sink to the CPU socket (fans that clip onto the CPU sometimes cause problems by preventing the CPU from fully seating into the socket) . . . $ 12 ea

Mini Stereo Speakers;

A small set of basic speakers - which sound suprisingly good for their size! No batteries or power supply needed, and they are more than loud enough when driven directly by your sound card. . . . $ 12 pr

Bigger Speakers for Bigger Sound!;

These are amplified stereo speakers somewhat larger than the units above, and come with an AC power adapter so you won't have to buy batteries! All units have volume control, and some units have Bass Boost or a three band equalizer built in! . . . $ 20 pr

Mega Speakers - Jumbo 2 Way System;

These are the BIGGIES - about 9" tall with a 4" woofer/midrange and a 1" mylar dome tweeter. Separate bass and treble controls, RCA phono jack inputs as well as standard stereo jack input, headphone output, all cables included! . . . $ 48 ea

Canned Air - Jumbo 15oz Cans;

These are the BIGGIES - not a 6 oz can or even a 9oz or 10 or 12 oz can, but a full 15 oz! But at the price of smaller cans! . . . $8.50 ea or 4 for $30!

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