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Printers & Plotters; All Kinds!
New/Used - Laser/InkJet/Dot Matrix

HP LaserJet 4000N - New/Unused;

Brand new HP LaserJet 4000N; 17 Pages/Minute w/built in network interface. . . $1,295.00

HP JetDirect Ex Plus - New/Unused;

Brand new HP JetDirect EX Plus; External network print server for one (any brand or model) parallel printer. Multiprotocol - Upgradeable flash ROM, supports Netware, Windows 3.11/95/98/NT, TCP/IP, etc.
New, sealed package, 3 year HP warranty. . $195.00

JetDirect MIO Card for HPIIISI, HP4/4+/5, DeskJet1200;

Connects the printer directly to the Ethernet newtwork cable. The printer can be shared by all users, and easily moved to another location with no software changes. 10-Base-T or Coax/BNC. Also available for Windows 95/NT networks, and Token Ring. . . $ 175.00

HP LaserJet Series II - Fully Refurbished;

Fully rebuilt HPII, with 90 day warranty; 8 Pages/Minute . . . $ 375.00

Pacific Page Font Cartridges for HP LaserJet II/III;

30 fonts in 1 cartridge . . . $ 20.00

PostScript Cartridge for HP LaserJet III;

Gives full PostScript capability to your HP-III Printer . . . $ 115.00

Panasonic KXP4420, 512KB RAM - Fully Refurbished;

Fully rebuilt, with 90 day warranty; 8 Pages/Minute . . . $ 365.00

C.Itoh CIE8E - Laser Printer, 1.0 Mb RAM;

Like NEW, less than 10,000 copies with 90 day warranty & 2 toner carts; 8 Pages/Minute . . . $ 425.00

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