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Telephone Systems, Phones, Parts, Supplies;

TIE 612 System w/o Phones;

Refurbed KSU for 6 outside lines, 12 phones, music on hold, intercom, paging, hands free speaker phone, toll restriction, speed dialing, internal/external call waiting, no phones available at this time . . .
These are getting very hard to find! $195

TIE Businesscom System / Phones;

We have 12 Tie BusinessCom 36TDX(T) telephones. All of the phones are in excellent condition; each having a LCD display, the capability of up to 12 business lines, 10 speed dials, and the color is white.
The price: $39 each.

Now, if you are looking for the system as well, then you came to the right place! We have a Tie BusinessCom here - refurbed KSU for 12 outside lines in great condition.
For the system box/control only $169 !

BUT WAIT! There's more! You can buy the complete set of TIE BusinessCom System and 12 BusinessCom 36TDX(T) telephones for the very, very low price of $295!!!

AT&T Merlin 5 Button Phones - Model 7302H01C;

Used, cleaned, tested, good condition. . . . $ 75ea

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