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Basically ... We BUY what we SELL!

We are looking for many items, most of them are odd.

We buy all sorts of electronic and computer related equipment! If you know of where we can find any of the following items, please contact us by email or by phone [973-209-7610] and we can negotiate a price!

Here is a list of some things that we are looking for at the moment:

  • DEC (Digital Equipment Corp) PDP 8-E/F/M/A and related peripherals
  • RK05 (or Pertec/Diablo/Wangco equivalent 14" front loading cartidge disk drives)
  • RX01/02 Floppy Drives, TU58 Tape Drives, TD8E/TU56 Tape Drives.
  • DEC-Mate II/III Word Proc. Sys, VT78/VT278, PC04/05 Paper Tape Reader/Punches.
  • Harris/Intersil 6100 Micro Evaluation Kit, DEC PDP-11 Systems.

  • Bad/Failed/Broken Notebook or Desktop Computers with a Proof of License
    Certificate of Authenticity on it for Windows 2000 or Windows XP
    (the green and purple sticker on the side of the computer).

We even buy lots of things that are NOT computer or electronic items!

  • Backhoe/Loader - From smaller John Deere or Kaboda through JD-410/Case 580.
    Will consider any condition - price depends on age/hours/condition/features.


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