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Things you probably can't get ANYWHERE else!

Wegner Communications DVD95 - MPEG-1 Digital Video Decoder;

MPEG in, VIDEO out, AUX out, AUDIO (Stereo) out, RF switch, SERIAL port, ALR/CLOSURE/AUDIO. . . . $ Make Offer

TXPORT Transport - PRISM 3101;

LAN, SLIP, SUPV, NET, DATA PORT 1. . . . Make Offer.

IBM PS/2 Micro Channel SCSI Interface Card;

Future Domain w/BIOS (boots from HDD), tested w/HDD & CD-ROM. . . . $75.

IBM PS/2 Dual Serial Card;

Provides two additional serial ports w/16550 UARTS, tested. . . . $75.

IBM PS/2 Hayes Modem Card;

Hayes 2400 Baud Internal PS/2 Modem, tested. . . . $35.

IBM PS/2 Micro Channel Network Card;

3COM Etherlink II/MC, 3C523, 10-Base-T & AUI, tested w/Netware. . . . $50.

IBM PS/2 Micro Channel Ethernet Network Card;

Western Digital WD8003/A, 10-Base-T & AUI, tested w/Netware. . . . $50.

IBM PS/2 Micro Channel Token Ring Network Card;

IBM 4/16 Token Ring, 9 Pin D-Sub Connector . . . . $50.

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