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CD-ROM Mastering and Duplication

CD-ROM Mastering;

We can transfer your programs, files, and data from tape (Colorado or Iomega QIC-40/80, TR-1/2/3, 4mm or 8mm) to CD-ROM. We can develop an electronic brochure that your customers can view with their internet browser. We can transfer your old files to CD-ROM archives to free up space on your local disk drive or file server. Simple transfer or duplication $35 for the 1st disk, $20 each for additional copies. Fully mastered disk with silk screened lables, jewel case with 4 color liner, etc. 1000 pieces only $2,800.00!

CD-ROM Duplicating Machine;

12X SCSI CD-ROM read only drive, 6X read 2X write SCSI CDR drive in external enclosure. This unit can be used on your PC to read, write or copy CD ROM media, or it can be used STAND ALONE! Put in the CD-ROM to be copied, put in the blank CDR and just push one button - in twenty to thiry minutes you have an exact copy of any CD-ROM! Music, PC, MAC, GAME - ANYTHING! . . . $ 1,295.00

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