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Boards, Option Cards, Drives, RAM;

Multi-Media Upgrade Kit - For the do-it-yourself computer owner!

Stereo sound card, based on the Yamaha OPL-3 cipset - includes drivers for Windows 3.1X/95/98 - but is directly recognized by Windows 98. Includes a Goldstar 32X CD-ROM drive, stereo speakers with AC power supply, audio cable, IDE cable, and even mounting screws! Complete Kit. ... $ 95.00

Sound Card - 3D Full Duplex;

16 Bit Sound Card, Plug-N-Play - Same as in kit above, NO on board IDE port for CD-ROM . . . $ 29.50

IDE Hard Drive Controller for Mirrored Drives / Raid-1;

Dedicated PCI controller for two IDE hard drives. Retreives data twice as fast as a single drive, and writes data to both drives - so there is no data loss if either drive fails! . . . $115.00

Hot Swappable IDE Hard Drive carriers (2) and controller for Raid-0/1/0+1;

Dedicated PCI controller for two IDE hard drives, and two hot swappable drive carriers. Retreives data twice as fast as a single drive, and writes data to both drives - so there is no data loss if either drive fails! Drives can be replaced without shutting down the PC! . . . $355.00

Pentium (P66 to P233/Cyrix300) Motherboard;

Any Pentium (Intel/AMD/Cyrix/WinChip) CPU w/66Mhz CPU/Bus Clock, ZIF Socket, 512 Kb On Board Cache, 3 ISA/3 PCI Slots, PS/2 Mouse Port, Two Serial Ports (w/High Speed 16550 UARTS), Enhanced Parallel Port (SPP/ECP/EPP), Dual USB ports, IR port, Two 72 Pin SIMM Slots, 2 DIMM Slots . . . $ 85.00

CYRIX P166+ CPU with CYRIX Fan;

Fits most Pentium motherboards including the one listed above, and come with a quality CYRIX brand CPU fan, not a cheap clone fan. Most bench marks show this chip at 1.5X to 2X as fast as the Intel 166 at about HALF the cost! . . . $ 75.00

Deluxe Pentium Motherboard - at a bargain price!;

Top quality motherboard, up to 450 Mhz CPU (Socket 7 - AMD-K6/2, Cyrix, IBM, WinChip, etc.) w/Dual IDE I/O, floppy controller, dual USB ports, IR port, 1Mb L2 cache, PS/2 mouse port, 2 serial, 1 parallel. AGP VGA slot, 3 PCI, 3 ISA, slots. Up to 100 Mhz CPU/Bus clock, 4 - 72 pin SIMM slots, 2 DIMM slots. ... $95.00

FAST FAST FAST --- AMD CPU - AMD K6-2/3D @ 350Mhz !;

This is the THE chip to have if you want fast!!! 100Mhz Bus Clock!!! AMD Boxed processor with high quality (supplied by AMD) ball bearing CPU fan. ... $168.00

Basic Pentium Motherboard - at a bargain price!;

Mylex EISA/ISA/PCI Motherboard - FULL SIZE! with TEN SLOTS! Up to Intel Pentium 133, 8 72 Pin SIMM Sockets, 6 EISA/ISA Slots, 4 PCI Slots, IDE, FDD, I/O, fits most full size 286 and 386 desktop cases with only slight modifications. ... $45.00

Dual USB Controller;

Fits most motherboards. Requires only a 16 Bit slot. Provides two USB ports. Compatible with Win95, Win98, etc. . . . $ 65.00

Parrallel Printer Port Card;

Fits all motherboards. Requires only an 8 Bit slot. Provides an additional parallel port. Jumperable for any one of eight addresses, IRQ 5, 7 or none, uni-directional or bi-directional. Compatible with all versions of DOS, Windows, Netware, NT, etc. . . . $ 28.00

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