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PC Power Supplies - As Failed;

All kinds of not working PC power supplies for fans, parts, connectors, replacement switches, etc. Guaranteed not working - if it work we would be happy to take it back for another or give you a refund! Why pay this much just for one fan, switch or power transistor. Get the whole thing for just $8ea.

AMDEK External CD-ROM Drives (2);

External CD-ROM drives (drive itself was made by Hitachi) with two 37 pin Amphenol (DB37) connectors. Two units are available and were working when removed from service several years ago, may need cleaning or lubrication (of motor shaft) at this time. $25ea or two units with PC ISA controller and cables for $50 or BRO.

Dead or Old Hard Drives;

Full height, half height, 5.25", 3.5", MFM, RLL, ESDI, IDE, SCSI - most are not working, some are working or have minor problems. Buy a few and combine parts to get working ones. . . . $5ea

Passive Backplane/Motherboard for PC Chassis;

Twelve slots - segmented to make two PCs, one 4 slot and one 12 slot. The connections could be bridged with 30 gauge wire to make one single 12 slot unit. The power connections will accept the connectors on a standard clone PC power supply, and there is a PS/2 style keboard connector on board (connects to a 10 pin Berg header which in turn connects to the PC Card CPU to be installed). These units are new and were intended for rack mount PC chassis. . . . $15ea

Single Card Slot 386 DX16 CPU;

This full length card contains a 386DX16 CPU, 8 30 pin SIMM sockets, a keyboard port, a serial port, connectors for LED,s reset, etc. A Cyrix 486DRX/2 CPU could be installed to turn this board into a 486/33 or faster at a cost of less than $50. Tested, working, guaranteed. . . . $75ea

Iomega Bernoulli Boxes;

The original unit in an enclosure shaped like a PC/XT, as well as the unit that had half height eight inch drives, one stacked over the other. Tested, working, SCSI interface. These units can be modified to be used on DEC equipment and emulate an RL02 disk drive, or used on PCs as is. PC and DEC controller cards, cables, firmware and modification instructions are available separately. . . . $50ea

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