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As low as $30 per month!

Larger companies use high speed leased lines for Internet access. This allows all their PC's to have full Internet access and e-mail - WITHOUT individual modems or communication servers! No need to worry about the number of telephone lines, or where your employees are calling. This also allows the company to have their own in house WWW server. However, the costs start at about $500 per month, and go up in proportion to the speed of the leased line!

If you want to have an Internet presence by having your own Web page for your business then the most economical way to do it is to have it hosted on someone elses server. Omni Systems Associates can arrange to host your World Wide Web site for as little as $30 per month, and we can design your home page and set up your home page account for you for as little as $100. There are lower rates available on the internet, but we don't expect you to be an internet wizard - we do all the work and setup for you - our competitors expect you to be capable and competent to do the design and setup work, and they charge a whole lot more when they do all the work for you!

Basic service with aliases, mail forwarding, full CGI, etc;

Only $30.00 per month!

Deluxe service as above, but with maintenance and support;

We will design and maintain your WWW site for you! Only $50.00 per month!

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